A downloadable game for Windows

Evolution conquers all, even in the metal kingdom of the Omniseer. You play as a fungus who has taken over a powerful robotic host. With the help of your 4 abilities and ultimate, you must plow through 3 zones and defeat both the Omniseer and his powerful servant Zabu. Throughout your adventure you'll have to make your moves carefully as you can get easily overrun by robotic enemies. Each of your abilities applies and combos with the Shadow Mark which allows for multiple interesting combinations of your abilities. 

  • Your character has 4 MOBA-style abilities and an ultimate which you charge up
  • They each apply a "Shadow Mark" or have a special effect if the target already has one
  • Different enemies force you to use your abilities in different ways
  • Environmental objects like Energy Tiles make different arenas have different strategies
  • You die very quickly so the game often becomes more of a puzzle


Alloplastic Evolution.exe 3 MB